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While Ranger Industries offers exceptional quality and affordable challenge coin, 3D, and lapel pin options for your custom project, we also offer a number of other design options that don’t always easily fit into a particular category. Find some great ideas on this page that might just be what you’re looking for.

Metal Signs

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sc-6536 sign preview
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sc-6566 sign preview
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Show-off Your Design

Ranger Industries now offers the option to take your custom challenge coin design and print it on larger metal displays that can be wall-mounted, making the perfect display for your office or organization.

Tumbler Medallions

Perfect for Your Mugs

Custom minted medallions can be struck with a curved surface to perfectly fit as an accent piece for your products, which is especially useful for decorating your favorite mugs and tumblers with your group’s brand. NOTE: Ranger Industries does not supply mugs or other drink ware, only the medallions.

Hiking Stick Medallions

Taken On Adventures

Any coin design can become a Hiking Stick Medallion, perfect for affixing to your favorite trailblazing implement. These are struck with a deliberate curved surface, with optional nail or adhesive bonds for secure attachment. Perfect for commemorating an event, raising awareness for a cause, or charting your own personal benchmarks. No matter where you go, your custom minted emblem will travel with you.


Perfect for Clothing and Accessories

Your unique product and brand identity can be professionally displayed on your fabric or leather worked clothing and accessories. Whether your custom minted medallion appears on one or one hundred items, the durability of the design will be an everlasting presence. Coupled with Ranger Industries, LLC.’s affordable packaging options, you can use our variety of promotional item resources to enhance an entire retail product line.

Golf Ball Markers

Play the ball where it lies.

As golfing legend Bobby Jones once said, “you have to play the ball where it lies.” There’s no better way to meet that piece of wisdom than with a pocket-sized custom minted magnetic golf ball marker coin. These keepsakes are sure to be treasured by friends, donors and customers, both on the green and beyond, spreading your message, tournament or brand in a long lasting and meaningful way.

Key Chains

Nearly any challenge coin can become a key chain

Nearly any challenge coin can become a key chain

If you’re a business looking to place your brand in the hands of your customers, or you’re an individual who always wants to keep that special affiliation or accomplishment close, a key chain is ones of the best ways to always have your custom minted item on your person. Nearly any pendant or challenge coin design can be modified to become a key chain.

Aside from the important value the design will have for the owner, key chains can also serve as important membership or authorization indicators that can portray official and even legal status. Many city municipalities have opted to issue permits in minted format, kept in both key chain and key fob format. Likewise, custom engraving can also designate the owner of a set of keys should they ever get lost.

No matter what a key chain means to you, we can help you make it a reality. Contact us today to get started.

Wine Stoppers

Whether you’re a vineyard proud of your label’s vintage and heritage looking to provide your customers with a keepsake that will outlast a single celebration, or you’re an individual seeking a private reminder during times of imbibed reflection, a custom wine stopper is a unique accessory that’s sure to be treasured. Transform your custom minted design into one of our quality wine stoppers, or create an entirely new one. Our helpful representatives can get you started today.

Bottle Openers

A Coin Cith An Added Benefit

Ready To Celebrate With Friends

Ready To Celebrate With Friends

The challenge coin legend states that whoever can’t present theirs at the bar when others do is stuck with the tab. Seeing as you’re probably already there, why not add an extra level of preparation by having your standard issue de-capper tool also at the ready? Many challenge coin designs can easily be turned into a bottle opener to fit your custom shape, be it coin, dog tag or irregular. Contact Ranger Industries, LLC. today to learn more about this popular option.


Suspended For All to See

Eye-Catching Awards and Commemorations

Eye-Catching Awards and Commemorations

Your custom minted project can be put on permanent, eye-catching display by being suspended in a custom Lucite embedment shape. This is a great way to turn your coin or medal into a presentable award worthy of the recipient’s accomplishments, or to provide a somber commemoration for those who have passed. Engraved plates can be added to your Lucite display to provide affordable customization options, useful for presenting the same award to multiple recipients.


Perfect for displaying on your Christmas Tree

One of the most cherished holiday traditions for families is the annual decoration of a Christmas tree. Ranger Industries can help you design your very own custom tree ornament that’s sure to be treasured for a lifetime. Due to production time, make sure to get your project started at least one month before Christmas to ensure it arrives with plenty of time to be placed on your tree.

Need Ideas?

Here's a list of special items we make

Ranger Industries, LLC. also offers a number of other options for your custom minting, coin collecting, or display needs.

  • Zipper Pulls
  • Belt Buckles
  • Bioelectric Performance Wristbands
  • Decals
  • Badges
  • Cuff Links
  • Golf Divot Tools
  • Neck Medallions
  • Key Chains
  • Bookmarks
  • Coin Displays
  • Acrylic Embedments
  • Presentation Boxes
  • Velour Draw String Pouches
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Coin Stands
  • Coin Capsules
  • Vinyl Pouches

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Unless otherwise stated, the custom items shown on this website are not for sale by Ranger Industries, LLC. and reproduction orders can only be made by the original client — items shown are examples of our capability. If you are inspired by any concepts or design elements you see, please contact us today to get a FREE Quote for your very own custom project!
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A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business